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Biomart Cleaners is the after crime cleanup experts for the aftermath of a death often called crime scene cleanup in Reno NV.  We are known in the Reno city limits as the place to call to clean up after a death; we call it crime scene cleanup in Reno.  Even though a typcal biohazard we clean is not from a actual crime scene.  Although we do help wiht murder cleanup after a homicide, we are also the people you call for a natural death cleanup or a suicide cleanup.  The primary purpose of our crime scene cleaners in Reno Nevada will be to clean blood form a home or residence that has experienced a accident, death, or shooting.  We clean the blood and bodily fluids that are left after the coroner or medical examiners office removes the corpes or the situation calls for cleaning up blood due to accidents or medical conditions.  We get this may be your first time needing crime scene cleanup in Reno Nevada and highly trained people are here to help walk you through what to do and how we can assist you. 

Inside Reno Nevada you have a population of 250,998 (2018) and a crime rate 591 per 100,000 residents which was a increase from the earlier year.  Crime is a constant battle but not all crime scene involve a violent crime or murder.  The number of murders in the previous year was around 6, where as there were many more suicide related death.  It is importnt to maintain undestanding that our essential service is for the blood cleanup in the sanitizing of the home after a death or major accident.

Suicide Cleanup Cleaning in Reno Nevada

We see suicide rates increasing in Reno and throughout Nevada and causing need for cleaning services for after death cleanup.  Biomart Cleaners is more then just a after crime cleanup company, we work with families who need suicide cleanup as well.  If you are living in Reno and have had a family member die by suicide you may need our help.  If there is any blood at the property you will need a suicide cleanup in Reno NV.

Blood Cleanup & Medical Accident Cleaning

After death cleanup is what we started doing but many people are having bleed out and medical accidents who need help.  We are more then prepared to help with any blood cleanup from a medical accident.  Biomart Cleaners even has cleaning agents who can sanitize the room and sterilize items like surfaces.

We are offering following biohazard cleanup services:

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